Welcome to the PS#8 memory lane page for the 1951 8th grade

This material is from the files of Mollie Burnett Bird class of '51of Clarksville,Tenn.

Due to the scope of her enthusiasm I have been forced to be selective in this presentation. Please accept my apologies for any omisions which you may know of to be entombed in the archives of the Herald Statesman or other private collections. However,significant contributions may be communicated to me via email at rancho@ranchoarriba.com (although this may require registration of a new domain).

Here then is the portrait of our innocence

graduation 1951

I will not try to caption all fotos with names,but you can search your memory from the list

1951 PS#8 8th grade graduates: Nancy Benedict Rose Mary Bohjalian Edward Boyce Ann Boyer Marilyn Branson Mollie BurnettCharles Clapham Jay Cleveland Judith Crabtree Robert Craig Elizabeth Davenport Kathryn Davenport Martha Dobson Barbara Ellis Everett Epstein Jack Faling Ruth Ann Folwell Barbara Franco Curtiss Frank Mary Jane French James Garrity Miriam Gisolfi Hugh Gage Cynthia Hales Roberta Hales Vernon Hall Mary Heep Laramie Hitchings Gail Hughes Refik Ihsan Renata Johnson Judith Johnston Marla Judge Diane Kingsley Deborah Kirkbright James Keely James Lafferty Carol Lando Ernest Levine Alice Locker Marie Locker Charles Lowenthal Barbara Netti Edward Nolan Bruce Oatman Frederic Ohles John O'keefe Carole Orr William Perry Henry Poler Donald Rader Nancy Ramsay Barbara Reuss Frances Schecter Dorothy Schneider Robert Scott Daniel Simpkin Linda Schmidt George Smith Nancy Stewart Fred Stock Terry Stokes Allen Stowe Joan Van Horne Carole Weber Charles Winn Nancy Wheeler Emma Betty Wissmann Allen Young

Presidents:Edward Peter Nolan, Robert Jay Simon, Fredric Elliot Ohles, Henry Saylor Poler,

Vice President: Mary Virginia Heep

Treasurer: James Harold Lafferty

 Secretaries: Harriet Round Halpin. Cynthia Jean Hales, Kathryn Davenport

Representatives: Rose Mary Bohjalian ,Roberta Jean Hales, Charles Brewer Winn, Allen Howard Stowe


If you have come to school each day, While some were playing "hookey, If you've become a real scholar, But not a goody-goody.

If you've learned to face the music Like an All American man If you've learned to take your punishment, As a real American can.

If you've learned to be calm and collected If unjustly blamed, some time, If you've tried to make your ideals Still farther, upward climb.

If, at this graduation before you, You, and these people that you see, Think that you can do these things, Then fine, American citizens you will be.


 FUTURE PLANS Georqe Smith accountant ,Robert Craig pilot ,Mollie Burnett decorator ,Nancy Benedict, designer ,Charles Winn aviator ,Dorothy Schneider writer, Gretchen Pohlke horse trainer ,Carol Weber cartoonist ,Nancy Ramsay pianist ,James Keely naturalist ,Jack Faling ship designer ,Charles Lowenthal enqineer ,Frances Schechter buyer, Refik Ihsan coach, Miriam Gisolfi veterinarian ,Edward Boyce artist ,Allen Young engineer ,Joan Van Horne nurse, Fred Stock pharmacist ,Marie Dobson secretary, Vernon Hall doctor ,Curtiss Frank lawyer, Hugh Gage lawyer ,Cynthia Hales teacher, Barbara Franco tennis star, Charles Clapham forester, James Garrity engineer ,Emme Wissmann teacher, Linda Schmidt nurse Carol Orr model ,Beth Davenport designer ,Jack O'Keefe engineer ,Ann Boyer animal trainer, Fredric Ohles doctor ,Donald Rader architect ,Renata Johnson secretary

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