the last generations of Martinez family at home 1920's

In 1803 Antonio Severino Martin (later changed to Martinez, the pluralization of Martin) came to Taos and purchased 66 varas of land (a vara is roughly equivalent to a pace or 33 inches) along the Rio Pueblo that ran to the ridge top to the west. In the Spring of 1804 he moved his family from Abiquiu to Taos. The front four rooms (10,11,12,13) were the humble beginnings of what would become the commercial and political hub of the Taos Valley.By 1827, the year of Severino's death, the Hacienda had grown to encompass 21 rooms enclos ing two placitas. The Casa mayor (great or main house), now referred to as a hacienda, with its two foot thick adobe construction and windowless exterior walls served as a refuge for family and neighbors during occasional Indian raids. Valuable livestock, particularly horses and mules, could have been driven through the heavy zaguan gates, into the protective placitas until such raids were over. (from the Museum brochure)

For a complete account of the Martinez Hacienda see David J Weber On the Edge of Empire 1996,Museum of N.M.Press

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author at hacienda 1997

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